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Bored Piers

What is it?

Bored piers are what most would consider the traditional style of piering. It is a concrete pier. 
Design and installation is covered under Australian Standards AS2159 – 2009.

How is it done?
A reinforced concrete pier is a hole is augered down until suitable strata is found. A reinforcement cage is lowered into the hole and then it is then filled with concrete.
This style of piering generates spoil, which usually would need to be removed from site. It is slower to install than screw piling and timber piling. It does not generate any excessive noise or vibration. Often the installation of bored piers requires professional oversight from a structural or geotechnical engineer.

What are the options?
A structural engineer will generally outline what piering requirements must be met. He/she will then oversee the installation.

If ground water is present there is options to line the pier hole with tubes to exclude water and sediment ingress.

We specialize in difficult site access and ground conditions. 
EFA has the capacity to auger rock sockets into class 5 rock.

Auger sizes 150, 300, 400, 450, 600, 750, 900, 1200mm
Hole depths up to 8m


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