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Screw Piling

What is it?

A screw pile is a steel pipe with a helix plate welded to the bottom of it.

The helix plate acts as the bearing surface and the steel pipe acts to transfer the load


How is it done?

It involves driving a pile by way of a high torque hydraulic motor, which is attached to an excavator.

The hydraulic motor ‘screws’ the pile into the ground as the excavator pushes it down.

Screw piling is a fast and efficient. There is no excessive noise, vibration or neighbourhood disturbance. A very minimal amount of soil is ‘turned’ up when the pile is installed and no soil needs to be removed.


What are the options?

The engineer specified pile load will determine what type of screw pile shaft and helix should be used.

A Geotech report will help to determine what depth piles will need to be as well as the durability requirements.


EFA can offer screw piling for loads up to 650kN.


We specialise in difficult site access and overhead-restricted environments. Our equipment and expertise allows us to install high capacity piles with small equipment, as well as piles that as site welded in small segments. Please call to discuss we can work with any site issues.


Engineering and pile testing

Screw piles are designed and certified by a chartered Structural Engineer.

Static load testing and dynamic pile testing (PDA) are available on request.

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