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Sheet Piling

What is it?

Sheet piles are made from a sheet of flat steel that is pressed or rolled into shape. The lock together using clutches to form a strong sealed wall.


How is it done?

Sheet piles are installed using an excavator or crane mounted vibrating hammer. The hammer grabs the sheet pile and with downward force from an excavator or crane the vibration forces the sheet pile down into the ground.

This process does create significant vibration and noise, but usually it can be tolerated providing there is community consultation.


What are the options?

A structural engineer will generally design the sheet pile wall that is required.

There are many applications for sheet piling, typically for shoring walls or retaining.

Because sheet pile walls can be installed without any excavation they provide fast and effective solutions.


EFA can install sheets up to 10m length with an excavator rig, and up to 12m with a crane rig.

Sheet pile types vary greatly, so please call to discuss.

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