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Timber Piling

What is it?

Driven timber piling is one of the oldest and yet most trusted methods of piling.

It involves driving a pile by way of a drop hammer until it reaches a predetermined amount of refusal or set.

Timber piling design and installation is covered under Australian Standards AS2159 – 2009


How is it done?

While it is somewhat noisy, most projects are completed quickly, so disturbance to the neighbors is minimal. Vibration can be a concern, but in most cases it is tolerable and safe.

In most cases no predrilling is required, so there is no spoil to be removed.

Timber Piling is time efficient and not weather dependent.


What are the options?

The engineer specified pile load will determine what type of timber should be used.

A Geotech report will help to determine what depth piles will need to be and durability requirements.


EFA can offer timber piling for loads up to 650kN.


Engineering and Pile testing.

Timber piles can be designed and certified by a chartered Structural Engineer.

Static load testing and dynamic pile testing (PDA) are available on request.

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